Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hello again,
Sorry about the hiatus during the winter months but Christmas crept up on me and my New Year resoultions fell by the wayside (less TV, more spinning and listening to radio whilst peddling and regular blog entries). I have however managed to set up my Etsy shop and go for some lovely dog walks with the grey hairy one. I have even remembered to take along my camera to take snapshots of colours and things that inspire me. Here on the right is such a photo taken looking up through the beautiful vivid red berries on the hedgerow to the wispy blue sky beyond. A shock of colour in an otherwise grey winters walk.

This picture on the left was taken on a trip to the Lake District last autumn, whilst walking along the shore of Lake Windermere. A lovely dry stone wall covered in Lichens and Ivy. I love how the pattern of the stones is softened by the greenery inhabiting the wall. Its not only on dog walks that I find inspiration but from all sorts of other things. For instance I love the world as seen through the eyes of Claude Monet. Since first seeing his work as a teenager, I have been enthralled with his use of colour. I have visited his garden at Giverney in France and each time I go there I have never wanted to leave. Walking round the gardens it feels as if I have wondered into one of his paintings and if I turn quickly there he will be with his paintbrushes and easel. I have some lovely photos of Giverney and will put my favourite up on here at a later date. I like to listen to music when spinning, generally something soothing, peaceful and uplifting.

I find other Spinners very inspirational. A couple of years ago I purchased a book by Alison Daykin and Jane Deane called 'Creative Spinning' published by gaia traditional crafts. This is a lovely book which I often leaf through to admire Alison and Janes'  yarn creations. Alison has written several articles on creative spinning of yarns in 'Yarnmaker' magazine (which by the way if you haven't come across is a superb read and well worth supporting). In 'Creative Spinning' is a yarn called blossom in the silk mix section of the book. At the moment I am spinning some hand dyed Pink Mawatta silk hankies (instead of the Tussah recommended) and some undyed cream Throwsters waste. To give my yarn my own twist I am adding fresh water pearls threaded onto linen thread and will ply them all together to make a yarn. I have been taking photos of this work in progress and will post its story as we go along.
To leave you here is the grey, hairy one looking out over a very cold, choppy Lake Windermere. (Just after this was taken he turned around and promptly stepped backwards resulting in a cold wet back leg! As is usual with Deerhounds he unceremoniously belched and looked round at me as if it was my fault his leg got wet.)

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