Friday, 29 March 2013

Today is my Birthday.
It was an exciting start to the day as for the first time ever I watched a pair of Goldfinches visit my garden. They didn't come to eat the tasty niger seed in the feeders (set out just for the purpose of attracting goldfinches to my garden), but to hunt for nesting material. They ignored the bird table and the feeders completely, but it was wonderful to see them and I felt very honoured to have them come today. A birthday cake arrived - the candles don't give much away with regard to age but suffice to say I have reached an age where there isn't enough room for the candles needed, but I did manage to blow the candles out in one go and make a wish!


The Goldfinches didn't stay more than a few minutes, no time to fetch a camera and sadly didn't return again.

The weather here today was very dull and there was a bitter wind but we did go for a nice walk around Wandlebury Ring which the grey hairy one enjoyed and our walk took us past the small herd of Aberdeen Angus cattles' enclosure. The grey hairy one refused to get too close which I am not sure is a wariness of the cattle or the fence around the enclosure, which has an electric wire along the top. The cattle are always curious about the grey hairy one and will often follow us along the length of their enclosure until we leave them behind. I always think their hair looks as though it could be spun and it reminds me of Tussah silk in looks. The cattle seem to range in colour from cream to a gorgeous ginger. During the walk we spooked a large male hare who leapt out from the undergrowth darting this way and that, very close to us and quickly sped away bounding through the trees.

Here is a picture of the small rolags of the Throwsters Waste ready for spinning and my little bunny dish to store the freshwater pearls which I have threaded onto a linen thread to make ready to ply with the Mawatta and Throwsters Waste silks.

I spent the rest of the day quietly and now the Throwsters Waste Silk has been spun and the pearls threaded I have begun to ply the three strands together. It's going to be the first time I have added 'foreign objects' to my yarns so it will be an interesting exercise.

A Happy Easter from me and the grey hairy one.
As a disguise I don't think this is going work!

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