Sunday, 24 March 2013

Japanese Cherry Tree Blossom inspired yarn and Snow Dog.
This weekend has brought snow again to the UK. We woke to light snow on Saturday morning and kept the curtains closed until after breakfast. The reason? The grey hairy one LOVES snow! For a dog who detests rain (he won't put a paw outside the door, just retreats backwards), and dislikes the wind and summer heat it came as a big surprise to find he adores snow. He stands at the back door whining until we go outside and races around in circles trying to eat snow, but ends up inhaling it and sneezing. He also loves to walk across ice and every puddle has to be stood on. Below are a couple of photos I took this morning while we were out after more snow overnight.
"Honestly, I wasn't eating the snow, it just sort of stuck to my nose"

Of course, multiple walks to explore the Narnia landscape mean less time for spinning indoors so here are a couple of photos I have been taking of the 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' Silk Yarn I talked about in my last blog entry. Why Japanese Cherry Blossom? Well I was lucky enough to visit Japan a few years ago just as the first Cherry Blossom was blooming and this week the news has shown pictures of the Cherry trees, in Japanese parks, in bloom.

I have spun the dyed Mawatta Silk Hankies first after stretching the fibres into rovings and will then spin the Throwsters Waste after having carded the fibres into small rolags. I love this textured silk, it has so much character.

The finished bobbin of Mawatta.  Now to start on the Throwsters Waste.
Before I go here is one more photo of the grey hairy one enjoying himself in the snow today, unlike me who was freezing and longing to go back inside.

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